CC Moore Betaine Ultramix - 1kg


CC Moore Betaine Ultramix - 1kg

Betaine has emerged as one of the most effective bait additives of recent years, with many bait companies,
anglers and aquaculture feed producers using it to enhance palatability and appetite stimulation.
This blend of 4, 6, 8 and 11mm 60% protein pellets contains a high level of Betaine to promote stronger and
longer feeding spells in all water temperatures. Ingredients such as pre-digested and low temperature fish
meals mean that the high quality, highly digestible protein in these pellets acts as a powerful attractor in winter
when oil alone is ineffective. With four different sized pellets breaking down at different speeds, a steady flow
of nutrients and attractors is leaked into the water, stimulating fish to feed whilst giving a more natural physical
appearance due to the variation of pellet sizes.

Protein: 52%, Oil: 22%.

Now contains G.L.M. Extract and Squid Meal for extra attraction!


From our 'Hookbaits' section, Betaine HNV Hookbaits are recommended to be used in conjunction with Betaine HNV Pellets, and contain many of the same attractors and additives that are present in these highly attractive pellets.

Coat Betaine HNV Pellets in our Feedstim XP for a deep, salty combination which fish go crazy for.

Betaine HNV Pellets are excellent for producing a paste; simply scald them with boiling water and sprinkle on a little added betaine. This can also then be mixed with Belachan Paste to make possibly the most successful 'lead-wrap paste' we've ever used. Try it now!

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