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Carp Fishing In Cold Spring Water TIPS & TACTICS:

These tips and tactics were written by Jeff Vaughan the previous owner of the Canadian Carp Club. Jeff is a great carp fishing angler.

Currently the water temp is around 10 degrees C 50F This is very cold for Mr Carp and is obviously why they move into the sun warmed bays in the afternoons. What you may not know is that the carps metabolism slows right down in cold water. So a 20lb carp who weill happily eat 4 kilo of corn in June will only eat maybe 30 or 40 grains in a whole day now. Also they are doing everything in slow motion. they will very slowly suck in bait and spit it many times before deciding to eat, because they like it but are nor really hungry. There is also no competition from other fish, when the water is warm they are sucking in bait as fast as possible to stop the other fish in the shoal getting it first.

So right now I am doing almost everything totally opposite from how I would normally fish. I am fishing very small hooks (size 8 or 9) with a single grain of real corn and one plastic. My hairs are very short and pinned close to the bend of the hook, but also I am not using a regular looped hair. I have a single strand coming down and tied to the end of this is a tiny buoyant 12mm rubber band (which goes inside the bait) The combination of the band and the plastic corn with the small hook makes the bait almost neutral buoyancy. I am fishing the Polaris float, but have my rods really low in the water using a back rest so the rod is pointing directly at the float on a very tight line. Feed wise, I am putting in say 2 catapults of corn two hours before I fish and then ONLY 30 or so grains each cast.

Basically, I know the fish will eat little and be very slow and shy. The neutral buoyancy of the hook/bait means they will not feel the weight of the hook, and the very tight line and low angle of the rod means that when they eventually take the bait, they will hit the bait runner immediately giving me a bolt effect. I am also sitting on top of my rod and foregoing my normal pleasure of reading a good book when I fish. I am hitting bites as fast as I can. sometimes just on the float and before the bait runner even moves.

When you fished today, I can see from your photos you had the rods up in the air as normal. I am betting you had a few "bumps" on the rod tip that did not develop ?

The reason you got the fish on the long hair, is because the fish being in slow motion mode had time to feel the hook on the short hair and reject the bait. The longer hair gave them the time to suck in and spit your bait several or many times before they had confidence to suck in the bait to the back of their throat to crush it, at this point you got your proper run. The long hair acts like a hinge so the weight of the hook is not felt. My way I get the run almost immediately.

Hope this helps.

The first 20 years of carp fishing can be tough, but then it gets a little easier.

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