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CCMoore Bait Mix Ingredients


This excellent binder/hardener has been widely used in the bait industry for several years where a taste, colour or aroma-free product is required. Blood Plasma is the concentrated binding fraction of Purified Blood Powder and is free of the red blood cells that dye baits brown. It gels quickly and effectively, even in baits that have a moderate to high oil content, and gives boilies a light skin with a firm, but flexible centre, enabling attractor leakage and bait breakdown to take place.

We recommend using 30-60g/kg in base mixes where a moderate to strong bind is required and up to 100g/kg in base mixes when producing hard hookbaits and cork ball pop up mixes.

Blood Plasma can also be used to make paste baits by adding to the paste mix at 20-40g/kg.


BLOOD POWDER (purified)

Recent animal food industry scares have made it difficult to source mammalian meat products, but we can now offer you this highly concentrated blood/haemoglobin powder, which has been screened and purified. With high nutritional qualities and an excellent crude protein value it makes a superb bait ingredient, ideal for binding and hardening whilst giving a dark red/brown finish to baits (great for darkening fish meal baits). Carp find this ingredient very attractive, as do Chub, Catfish and Bream.

Can be included in base mixes at up to 100g/kg.



If you are looking to add 'crunch' to your baits, here's the answer. This fine ground oyster shell can be added into mixes at around 10% to add texture, a 'flecked' appearance and weight to baits when distance is required with a throwing stick. Fine oystershell is also a valuable source of calcium.

Can be included in base mixes at up to 125g/kg.


LT94 FISH MEAL - Low Temperature

The original and still the best!

Whilst the price of this meal has rocketed in the past few years there is only one reason for this; it has no equal in terms of bulk fish meal. If you're looking to make a genuinely high quality fish meal bait then don't settle for lower quality meals.

LT94 is the genuine article where low temperature fishmeals are concerned. Produced from chilled raw fish, it is treated at low drying temperatures, maintaining more of the nutritional qualities and amino acids, making it far superior to most standard fishmeals. With an oil content of around 11% and a protein content of 72%+ (of which 94% is digestible), LT94 is the first choice of bait manufacturers like CC Moore who will not compromise on the quality of ingredients used in their baits.

Can be included in base mixes at up to 500g/kg.



This dry bird food blend of seeds and egg product is part of the incredibly popular and successful CC Moore range of 'Meggablend' products. It is ideal for use as a base mix ingredient, providing a highly nutritious combination of sugars, oils, crushed seeds, vegetable and egg protein, as well as a superb texture in finished baits that promotes excellent leakage in water. Meggablend also has a valuable binding property to help firm baits.

Can be included in base mixes up to 300g/kg.



This, smoothly aromatic, crunchy, binding base mix loose feed ingredient contains high quality egg biscuit, whole & crushed seeds, sugars, fruits and high nutrient value vitamins and minerals. This product has been researched and developed by our bait technicians and is unique to CC Moore & Co Ltd. It can be used at high levels and, due to its digestibility, is intended for year round use.

  • Adds highly attractive taste and aroma
  • Aids binding potential of boilie mixes
  • Superb for year-round use
  • Promotes an open texture and excellent attractor/nutrient release
  • Coarse texture aids digestion rate
  • Use in boilie mixes at up to 300g/kg.



Meggablend Red has become very popular with many anglers and bait companies. Consisting of crushed seeds, biscuit meals, egg foods and the acclaimed fish attractor Carophyll Red, Meggablend Red adds a great deal to baits, including texture, binding properties, a beautifully subtle-sweet taste, oils, sugars, leakage properties and of course, red flecks to pale baits. As soon as anglers see Meggablend Red, it often becomes an instant choice of ingredient for inclusion in their bait.

Can be included in base mixes up to 300g/kg.


With its stunning colour, texture and taste, Meggablend Red is superb as a spod and stick mix ingredient. It can be included in spod mixes with any particles, pellets etc, but in stick mixes is excellent when used in conjunction with Liquid Bloodworm Extract or Liquid Robin Red®

Any baits that contain Meggablend Red will also benefit from being fished alongside our Instant Spod Mix - Red Pepper+ as it contains several of the same vital ingredients that make it such a successful fish attractor.



This highly attractive, subtly spicy meal is ideal for use in many different bait types. It is a coarse, smoothly aromatic meal containing egg biscuit, seeds, sugars and oils. Due to its particle size and egg protein content, it aids both attractor leakage and binding properties when used at over 10% in boilie mixes. Its distinctive, sweet and spicy aroma means it can effectively be used to enhance mixes containing products based on milk/cream, seed, nut and fish making it extremely versatile.

  • Superb for year-round use
  • Great old school sweet/spice profile
  • Promotes an open texture and excellent attractor/nutrient release
  • Aids binding potential of boilie mixes
  • Coarse texture aids digestion rate
  • Use in boilie mixes at up to 300g/kg.



Meggablend Sweet contains the same crushed seeds, oils, natural sugars, vitamins, minerals, and vegetable and egg proteins as Meggablend. However, as a further development of the successful Meggablend, Meggablend Sweet also contains honey and a subtle zesty backnote, giving it added natural attraction through a beautifully enhanced, sweet aroma and taste. This increases the finished taste and appeal of products whilst also improving the binding, leakage, visual appearance and nutritional properties of baits that contain it.

Can be included in base mixes up to 300g/kg.


As with Meggablend Red, Meggablend Sweet is a superb, naturally attractive product that can be used in many bait applications. Whilst stick mixes, spod mixes, method mixes and ground baits are obvious choices, try loose feeding it as a stalking 'carpet' soaked in our superb Roasted Nut Extract, Response+ Cream Booster or Amino Blend 365.



As a bait ingredient, Moore's CLO has excellent functional, nutritional and attraction qualities. Functionally, it adds binding and textural benefits to any boilie mix. Meanwhile, the egg, seed and cereal products included in this ingredient provide valuable proteins, oils and carbohydrates to give an impressive nutrient and attraction profile.

Our own version of CLO is based on the original CLO product but is already ground and ready to use.

Can be included in base mixes at up to 300g/kg.


The importance of this bait ingredient should not be underestimated.

Where any reasonable level of protein is supplied (through fish meals, meat meals or milk proteins etc) the inclusion of Moore's CLO at 25% is highly recommended. Its digestible starch content enables fish to utilise higher levels of the protein supplied, making the finished bait considerably more effective as a food source and fish attractor.



Famed for their legendary big fish catching bird food ingredient, Robin Red®, Haith’s have now released Robin Gold® which looks set to develop an equally impressive reputation as a valuable base mix ingredient that gives baits another new dimension in terms of taste, aroma, nutrients and texture.

Robin Gold® has been designed to be used all-year-round; it is a strong and spicy smelling, peppery mixture which can enhance the attraction of any base mix. This unique, high quality ingredient contains valuable vitamins and minerals and has an excellent natural colouring effect. The availability of Robin Gold® allows anglers to create new, highly attractive year-round baits that will have a unique and distinctive aroma and taste along with a open texture which promotes maximum attractor release, even in extremely cold water.

There is no limit to the inclusion level of Robin Gold® in base mixes, however we recommend including up to 100g/kg, with higher levels being used in hookbait mixes.

Nutritional Information (typical values)

Protein: 7.10
Fibre: 6.60
Ash: 3.90
Moisture: 8.00
Oil/Fat: 7.15



Well what can you say about Robin Red® that hasn't been said lots of times before? We can't tell you a great deal about the make up of this ingredient, as it isn't ours! This product is sourced from Haiths and is the original Robin Red® that has helped anglers catch so many fish down the years. Made from peppers, oils, sugars and crushed seeds, it has a deep, 'beetroot red' colour that traces through as a red or brown tinge in finished baits. The strength of colour in finished boilies greatly depends on other ingredients included in the base mix, but we recommend a minimum inclusion of 5%.

Can be included in base mixes at up to 100g/kg.


With attraction properties undoubtedly coming from the ground peppers used in Robin Red®, try using our Intense Cooked Particle Hot Hemp alongside baits that contain it. This creates a deadly combination! (Intense Cooked Particles)

Any baits that contain Robin Red® will also benefit from being fished alongside our Instant Spod Mix - Red Pepper+ as it contains a number of the same key ingredients that make it one of the most successful fish attractors of all time.



This popular fish meal is sourced from South America and is steam dried. It has a protein value of 64-65% and can have a slightly darker physical colour than other meals - however, this is not guaranteed.

Due to the ongoing depletion of fish stocks around the world, the percentage of Sardines and Anchovies in this meal will vary at certain times of the year and hence the colour of the meal will also then vary. At some points in the calendar, this meal may be lighter than other fish meals such as LT94 and Standard Fish Meal.

Can be included in base mixes at up to 500g/kg.


SUPERGOLD 60 (60% maize protein)

Supergold 60 is a fine, gritty meal, made from the high protein fraction of maize. It is a very highly digestible source of quality protein that is becoming more and more widely used within the bait and aquaculture industry as a fishmeal-replacing ingredient. With a protein content of 60%, and an energy content of around 20% higher than fish meal, Supergold 60 has a great deal of nutritional value to offer to baits as well as functional and appearance properties. Naturally varying between a bright golden colour to a rusty brown colour, Supergold 60 adds distinctive coloured flecks, as well as a gritty texture and an attractive maize aroma.

Supergold 60 is an outstanding source of digestible protein, digestible non-lipid energy and methionine, the essential amino acid.

Please note that, being 100% natural, Supergold 60 will vary in colour and particle size. This will not effect the attraction or nutrition profile of your bait and may only change the colour and 'flecked' appearance of your bait slighly.

Can be included in base mixes at up to 375g/kg.



This fine ground tiger nut flour has become very popular with companies and individuals who are looking to give baits a smooth, creamy texture with a distinctive taste that fish love. Suitable for use all year round, Tiger Nut Flour can be incorporated into any mix as a base ingredient, allowing baits to retain moisture through the oil it supplies.

Can be included in base mixes at up to 200g/kg.



This outstandingly attractive product really is good enough to eat and is a must for anglers looking to create a highly attractive year-round mix. Supplying a comprehensive profile of key nutrients, Vanilla Meal makes the perfect addition to any mix that is to be used through all four seasons of the year; adding a smooth, subtle taste and aroma that fish really respond to.

As a natural ingredient combining sweet meals and fine-ground extracts, Vanilla Meal is extremely popular due to its long-term effectiveness as a genuine fish attractor. It effectively compliments other high quality ingredients to produce baits with a superb creamy undertone that are extremely attractive but sufficiently subtle to go on working over long periods. As a very digestible, mildly sweet ingredient, this meal has proven extremely successful in many types of baits and has improved catch rates in all seasons.

Can be included in base mixes at up to 500g/kg.

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