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CCMoore Bait Additives


As such an incredible fish attractor, it was always our intention to source this powdered version which is more user friendly for inclusion in base mixes, stick mixes, ground baits and other bait applications. With a significantly higher dry matter content than the block, it also has a stronger aroma and taste and can therefore be used at a lower inclusion rate in order to provide the same level of attraction.

Where 7.5% - 10% is often recommended as an inclusion level for the grated block, the powder delivers a powerful attraction profile to any bait at an inclusion of 5% (50g/kg).


To add a deep, salty taste to any bait item, simply sprinkle Belachan Powder over pellets, boilies or particle baits when they are still wet or damp.



Used by many successful anglers over a number of years, this Danish extra mature blue cheese powder adds a strong savoury taste and aroma to baits, which fish seem to detect. Baits containing this additive at 10% inclusion have achieved markedly increased catch rates when compared to baits containing none.

As well as a distinctive stilton-type aroma this powder adds a complex salt profile that has proven to be an effective fish attractor in even the coldest conditions.

Can be included in base mixes at up to 100g/kg.

Tip: Blue Cheese Powder contains high levels of naturally occurring butyric and glumatic acid. It is very effective as part of a paste mix and adds a huge boost of attraction to maggots if sprinkled on them.

We recommend the following paste mix for year round use: 15% Blue Cheese Powder, 3% Garlic Powder, 2% Feedstim Powder, 10% Wheat Gluten, 25% Soya Flour, 10% Vitamealo Milk Powder, 25% Breadcrumb and 10% Limestone Flour.


C.S.L. POWDER (100% Pure)

This is spray-dried Corn Steep Liquor Powder, derived from the process of steeping maize grains. It is bright yellow in colour and is a vital ingredient of our highly successful Corn Steep Liquor Pellets that also contain CSL Liquid. This pure powder has a very strong yeasty aroma that effectively traces through to finished baits at an inclusion level of around 10%.

Can be included in base mixes at up to 50g/kg.

Tip: To make a very effective bait dip; add water to a 50:50 mix of CSL Powder and Betaine to make a thin solution. Then add the solution to Corn Sweet Syrup in a ratio of 50:50, making a liquid that clings beautifully to any baits that are dipped in it, giving a steady leak-off of natural attractors as the bait breaks down in your swim.


CHILLI POWDER (very hot!)

Chilli Powder has become more and more popular as a bait ingredient. Previously used mainly in particle preparations like our own 'Hot Hemp', it has more recently been used to great effect in boilie mixes where a distinctive 'bite' that fish find very attractive is required.

As a natural colourant, Chilli Powder dyes baits orange/brown but will also add valuable vitamins, minerals and a similar, but more powerful, spicy taste and aroma to that which Robin Red® is renowned for.

Can be included in base mixes at up to 100g/kg.

Tip: If you're using Chilli Powder in your baits, then why not try our superb Instant Spod Mix - Red Pepper+.



Following the phenomenal success of our Feedstim XP liquid, this product probably needs no introduction.

Feedstim XP Powder is a blend of hydrolysed vegetable proteins and naturally occurring yeasts that combine to create an intense food signal that fish find difficult to resist. It’s salty taste and water soluble profile make it a powerful appetite stimulant and feed inducing powder that can be used in any bait or bait type to improve their powers of attraction. It has a natural, yeasty aroma that means it will not overpower other labels/flavours present, making it suitable for use with all types of baits.

Whether you’re using pellets, particles, boilies, method/stick mixes etc, Feedstim XP Powder can dramatically increase the fish-pulling characteristics of your bait.

As a base mix additive: Adding Feedstim XP Powder to your mix magnifies any natural or synthetic flavours present. This has a massive impact on the overall attraction profile of the bait and makes it the ideal additive for attractor baits where flavours are used, or natural baits where natural extracts are used.

We recommend using Feedstim XP Powder at 10-20g per kg in base mixes and 30-40g/kg in hookbaits although, being a natural product, up to 50g/kg can be used.

As an additive for particles: As a potent natural fish-feeding stimulant Feedstim XP Powder works superbly well with particles. Simply add 20-30g per kg when boiling to give the particles a distinctive natural taste that stimulates a positive feeding response.

As an additive for pellets: Dampen your pellets with a liquid of your choice and then dust them in Feedstim XP Powder. This allows it to break down and soak deep into the pellets to give them a powerful boost of attraction. This can be done with any natural extract and is particularly effective when using Feedstim XP, Minamino or Ultramino as the liquid choice.

As a stick/method mix or paste additive: Feedstim XP Powder has proved successful with all species and stimulates fish to feed in even the coldest water temperatures. Being extremely soluble it has also enabled Barbel, Bream and match anglers to significantly mprove their catch rates by adding a small amount to their paste or stick/method mix.

In stick/method and paste mixes we recommend adding 20-30g/kg.

In P.V.A. Bags: A small p.v.a. bag of Feedstim XP Powder has been the chosen tactic of several very successful anglers during the 4 month testing period we have carried out. This has been a very effective method of attracting fish to a single hookbait or very lightly baited area releasing an acute food signal with very little for fish to fill up on.

Note: As this is a pure, natural product there may be physical variations between different batches. This is normal and does not affect the performance potential of the product.



This powerful fruit palatant has a potent citric aroma that is carried through into baits even when it is included at low levels. With its primary intended use being that of a base mix or hookbait additive Fruit Zest Concentrate creates a distinctive label which can stand alone as a superb cold water attractor but can also be used at low levels in conjunction with essences like scopex, creamy condensed milk or even maple to round off the edge of the aroma combining to make a great year-round label.

With a subtle sweetness adding to its attractive fruit aroma Fruit Zest Concentrate is also highly effective as a stick mix and groundbait additive delivering an instant rush of attraction that transmits through very cold water temperatures – similar to the way in which essential oils and esters work in the winter months.


Whilst elevated levels are highly recommended in hi-attract hookbaits we advise using 5-10g/kg in base, stick and groundbait mixes. As a guideline we have already had great success using Fruit Zest Concentrate in hi-attract hookbait mixes at 5g per egg.



Green Lipped Mussel is of New Zealand origin and is undoubtedly one of the most 'proven' fish catching additives ever used. It has added superb natural attraction characteristics to anglers baits over many years, resulting in the increased catch rates of many of the best and most experienced anglers in the carp fishing world.

Whilst many new additives have arrived on the scene since the initial use of G.L.M. Ext, the complete attraction value of this superb powder cannot be over stated-as we have found with the devastating Odyssey XXX freezer baits that contain 10% (100g per kg). Being a natural product, there is no limit to its inclusion in base mixes.

Tip: Make the most of the incredible natural attraction properties of this legendary extract by adding over 5% in base mixes, therefore using its distinctive natural aroma and taste to create the all important 'label' of the finished bait.


New Zealand Green Lipped Mussel Extract

This New Zealand Green Lipped Mussel Extract has been defatted at source, increasing its effectiveness as a fishing bait ingredient. Only the oil (fat) content has been reduced so that all the amino acids, proteins, vitamins and minerals are still present but actually become more accessible to fish. This reduction in oil content ensures the attraction and nutrient benefits are significantly more readily available, particularly when water temperatures are at low levels. Through lengthy product testing and trial results we have found that the defatted material is considerably more attractive than non-defatted material when used within fishing baits.

Remember: Oils and fats have a very limited attraction value in cold water and as such are not recommended to be used as bait ingredients within baits which are intended for year round use.

Note:  As this is a pure, natural product there may be physical variations between different batches. This is normal and does not affect the performance potential of the product.

Health guidance:

This Green Lipped Mussel Extract, being low in oil, contains some very fine particles which can become airborne. As with any fine powders, we recommend it is used in a well ventilated space whilst wearing a dust mask to avoid or reduce the risk of inhalation.


KRILL MEAL (Antarctic)

This strong smelling, powerful meal has been used for many years in the production of high quality carp baits. Its salmon pink colour and distinctive crustacean aroma make it almost irresistible to carp. Antarctic Krill Meal also has a coarse physical appearance, which helps to add a rough texture to baits and increase the leakage properties of the finished bait if added at the correct level

Krill Meal is a very light ingredient and effectively reduces the density of baits, thus enabling them to fly up into the mouth of feeding fish more easily. But beware of over-inclusion as you may end up with buoyant baits!


Can be used up to 50g/kg. (Depending on other ingredients used)

Other sensitive ingredients are Vitamealo, Calcium Casinate and Wheat Germ. Dense ingredients, ideal for 'counterbalancing' are Limestone Flour, Supergold 60, Fine Oyster Shell and Maize Four etc.

If you are looking for a high quality liquid Krill product, check out our Krill Amino Compound which is rich in amino acids and soluble proteins or our Whole Krill Extract which contains whole krill.



Any angler that has used Liver Powder in the past will probably agree that it is a powerful appetite stimulant and fish attractor. This pharmaceutical grade powder is of poultry origin and can add significant benefits to all baits ranging from boilies to stick and method mixes. Although Liver Powder has most regularly been used as an addition to 'savoury-flavoured' baits, it has proved very effective when used in conjunction with sweet, fruity or particularly non-flavoured baits. Being a natural product, there is no limit to its inclusion in base mixes.

Tip: As with most natural extracts, Liver Powder can be devastating when used as the main flavour/attractor of baits. In low-flavoured mixes, add Liver at 5-10% along with 2% Betaine; this works particularly well in milk protein baits when Minamino or Ultramino is also added at 15-20ml/kg.

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