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CCMoore Liquid Additives / Liquid Foods


Amino Blend 365 is a unique combination of powerful liquid appetite stimulants which enhances the attraction properties of any bait item – in all water temperatures.

Being a highly water soluble liquid food, Amino Blend 365 supplies an abundance of essential amino acids which have been combined with proven fish-catching extracts to produce a liquid bait additive with an outstanding all–round nutrient profile.

With a yeasty/creamy aroma and distinctive sweet taste, Amino Blend 365 is designed for year round use and beautifully complements most bait products without overpowering their own natural characteristics. By releasing potent natural feeding triggers into the water, Amino Blend 365 convinces fish to feed on your bait in response to their requirements and desire of the readily available nutrients supplied by this liquid.

Whether making a stick or bag mix which would benefit from some more soluble attraction, a boilie mix that needs a powerful nutrient or attractor boost, or a spod mix, pellets/particles that are designed to pull and hold fish in your baited area

Usage ideas:

Amino Blend 365 is a superb year-round attractor that can be used at modest levels to really boost the attraction of any bait item. Try mixing some into your stick/bag mix before loading it into the bag. Milk ‘n’ Nut Crush or our highly successful Boilie Bag Mixes are ideal for this application and will create a small carpet of power-packed attractors which fish can’t swim over without going down to feed.

This product cannot be overused in baits but we recommend using up to around 30ml/kg.



Whilst Chilli and Hemp are two products that have been used together for some time within fishing baits, this outstanding oil blend combines these devastating two attractors in unbeatably high quality examples of each product.

Our outstanding, carefully sourced Hemp Oil emits extremely concentrated food and chemical signals in water and represents a rich source of vital nutrients such as Gamma Linoleic Acid (GLA), Omega 3, 6 and 9 Oils, amino acids, trace elements and Vitamins D and E.

These impressive health and attraction benefits are then combined with the powerful properties supplied by our exclusive, unrivalled Chilli component. This incredibly potent, breathtakingly hot oil adds an incredible taste sensation to the finished liquid along with an abundance of Beta Carotene and Capsaicin; a naturally occurring nutrient which is not only notoriously attractive to fish but also acts as an effective antioxidant containing ultra-high levels of Vitamin C. Chilli Hemp Oil is an outstanding year-round attractor that adds a superb feed-stimulating dimension to baits that proves irresistible to Carp and Barbel.


Chilli Hemp Oil adds a great bite within boilies when added into mixes at 15-30ml/kg. It can also be used to coat finished boilies prior to use at the same level.

Loose Feeds:

Chilli Hemp Oil is a great year-round loose feed additive that will significantly enhance the attraction of PVA bag mixes, pellets, spod mixes, stick mixes or particles. Simply add 20-30ml/kg and allow it to soak in to add a powerful spicy punch to your loose feed which will pull fish into your baited area from all layers of the water.



This superb quality Corn Steep Liquor does not contain any added acids or stabilisers to stop it fermenting. Therefore, for safe storage we recommend this product is stored in a refrigerator to keep it cool.

This highly attractive natural liquid food has a distinctive beer-like aroma and slightly bittersweet yeast taste and has been one of the most successful liquid additives of the last few years. Produced as a result of the maize steeping process, CSL is used as an ‘activating’ liquid that is ideal for use within many different types of bait. Whilst being a superb liquid additive for boilie mixes, it is also suitable for use on pellets (as it will not dissolve them), particles, stick mixes and spod mixes where a natural, subtle, yeasty/meaty attractor is required. CSL has a digestible protein content as well as a valuable natural sugar fraction that makes it an effective fermentation catalyst for any moist or wet product. The recommended inclusion level in base mixes is 20-30ml/kg. (Doesn't melt P.V.A)


Due to its reasonably low water content, CSL can be added to pellet mixes to improve their attraction. It will soak into most pellet products without dissolving them and will then gradually leak out as they break down in water. As mentioned above, being an effective fermentation catalyst, CSL is suitable for use with any particle but is also excellent for adding water-soluble attractors to boilie mixes. (But beware, CSL speeds up the break down of freezer baits, making them incredibly attractive but more sensitive to high temperatures during long sessions).

Remember: This product is ACTIVE!

This is an active liquid and is purposefully designed to encourage non-preserved products that contain it (such as freezer baits) to break down and release their own fish-attracting nutrients as they do so. As a result, this liquid should be stored in a refrigerator and used in cool conditions, out of direct sunlight. When using on the bank, the bottle lid should be left loosened to enable it to breathe.

If this product starts to ferment (and the bottle starts to swell) it is not faulty and should be cooled as quickly as possible but may still be used without any negative to the finished bait to which it is applied.

The intended microbial activity of this product is one of its key features and therefore contributes a great deal to its effectiveness as a high quality, big fish bait ingredient.


CC Moore accepts no liability for loss or damage caused by the 'active' nature of this product. If stored refrigerated, this product will not start to ferment.



As the name suggests this superb liquid bait additive is made from one of the most highly nutritious natural ‘super foods’ found on our planet – Krill. This phenomenally nutrient-rich crustacean supplies high levels of vital proteins, vitamins, amino acids and antioxidants – even in its natural state, but has been dramatically enhanced during the production of this outstanding amino acid compound.

During the production of this liquid food, Krill is harvested, blended to a pulp, the protein fraction is then extracted and finally hydrolysed with the use of an enzyme to increase its availability and digestibility. The resulting liquid really is incredibly attractive being rich in powerful soluble nutrients which create a strong water-borne food signal in any water temperature.

Delivering a deep yeasty-fish aroma and distinctive salty taste, Krill Amino Compound also stimulates fish to feed by supplying high levels of free amino acids in conjunction with vital health-promoting nutrients like canthaxanthin – the incredible antioxidant which is also found in highly rated bait products such as Robin Red®, Shrimp, Peppers, Chilli and of course Krill Meal.

The density of this powerful amino acid compound also gives you another great edge. When it is applied to any bait which sits on the bottom of your swim it will leach into the silt, clay or gravel on the lake or river bed, enticing fish to root around in the swim as they pick up food signals long after the bait has disappeared.


Krill Amino Compound is a totally natural product which has no limit to its inclusion. The more you include within base mixes the more attraction you will add and the less liquid egg that is required – increasing the natural solubility of your bait.

Krill Amino Compound is also a superb stick and spod mix additive that adds a huge boost of attraction to any savoury blend. Adding high levels to your stick mix will make a wetter finished mix giving it a more concentrated attraction profile and a slower breakdown time; this may be better for lower stock venues where fish may be required to still find attraction a long time after bait particles have disappeared. Adding lower levels to gently moisten the mix will enable a quicker breakdown and quicker dispersal of the attractors; the perfect presentation for highly stocked waters where casting and delivery of bait occurs at more regular intervals.



The value of Betaine as a fish attractant has made it one of the most widely used and successful bait additives of the last few years. Produced from Sugar Beet, the key ingredient that makes this product so effective is a very concentrated form of Betaine. This has been developed into a very user-friendly, almost clear, largely odourless Liquid Betaine which gives anglers great flexibility in applying it to different bait forms. This powerful product allows pellets, particles and other bait items to be soaked with a sweet, soluble and highly attractive liquid that stimulates feeding in conditions where fish may not otherwise feed. The recommended inclusion level in base mixes is 20-30ml/kg.


While it can be applied to many bait items, Liquid Betaine has proved very effective when used with our Milk 'n' Nut Crush bag mix. The sweet natural ingredients within the dry mix seem to superbly compliment the palatable taste and strong food signal that Liquid Betaine supplies when used alone or with water.


Liquid G.L.M Extract

With New Zealand Green Lipped Mussel Extract being one of the most effective Carp and coarse fish attractants known to man, it has been our quest for several years to harness and present it in the form of a concentrated liquid food. After extensive work with our colleagues in New Zealand we are excited to say we can finally do this with our outstanding new Liquid G.L.M. Extract

The moment you open a bottle of Liquid G.L.M. Extract you receive an incredible flood of mussel-rich aromas that leave you in no doubt as to its fish-catching potential; it absolutely screams fish.

With its key features being its amazing natural Green Lipped Mussel taste and aroma derived from pure G.L.M. (like our Odyssey XXX) we have further enhanced this product with the addition of natural sugars and fish protein to make it an irresistible year round liquid bait additive.


Liquid G.L.M. Extract properties:

· An incredible natural green lipped mussel taste and aroma.

· Contains a high level of pure, blended green lipped mussel.

· Deep, rich, natural shellfish profile that fish simply can’t resist.

· High solubility ensures outstanding leakage in all water temperatures.

· Rich in essential amino acids derived from mussel and fish protein

· Another unique, CC Moore product giving YOU another unique edge.

· Cost effective way to add concentrated natural attractors into and onto baits

· Naturally occurring sugars also help increase fermentation on ‘heated’ baits ;-)

· Hugely attractive to Carp, Barbel, Chub, Catfsh & other species.

· PVA friendly – superb on bag/stick mixes


Customer guidance:

Use up to 30ml/kg – including more in your baits will only increase their attraction further.

This product should be stored cool, dry and out of direct sunlight.



This clear viscous liquid is commonly used for producing bait dips which enable attractors to 'cling' to dipped baits. To produce your own hook bait soak/dip; simply blend 50% Liquid Glycerine with 50% of the liquid attractors required and then mix them together. The glycerine will ensure the dip is 'preserved' and can therefore be used time and time again without being stored in the fridge or freezer.



Made purely from Hebridean Kelp, this thin, 100% natural liquid has strong aroma and flavour and adds valuable Vitamin B12 (seaweed/kelp is the only non-animal source of Vitamin B12), minerals, trace elements and nutrients to any bait item. It is particularly popular for use with boilie mixes as it adds salt and a natural taste and aroma that fish find highly attractive.

Liquid Kelp Complex has a very high pH - another vital property which makes it different to most other liquid foods.

The recommended inclusion level in base mixes is 20-30ml/kg.


A combination of Liquid Kelp Complex, Spirulina, Crunchy Kelp and Wheatgerm creates a superb blend of powerful winter attractors that can be added to milk protein, bird food or all round food-source boilie mixes and paste baits.


LIQUID ROBIN RED® Endorsed by John E Haith Ltd

CC Moore Liquid Robin Red® is made with Haith’s Robin Red®

Haith’s legendary Robin Red® has been a key ingredient within some of the most successful Carp baits ever produced and is probably the most famous bait ingredient of them all. Its sweet, spicy taste and aroma, deep red colour and coarse oily texture all complement its powerful natural vitamin and trace element profile to make it a superb all round fish attractant.

These great attributes are exactly why Robin Red® has always been so effective within Carp and Coarse fish baits and are exactly why CC Moore & Co Ltd wanted to produce a genuine Liquid Robin Red® with all the pulling power of the superb Haith’s Robin Red® ‘meal’.

This highly attractive new liquid has been developed to capture and maximise the natural attraction properties of Haith’s Robin Red® and present them in an easy-to-use liquid form. The resulting product is this sweet, slightly spicy liquid that is thick, typically deep red in colour, extremely versatile and of course instantly attractive to Carp and most coarse fish – Liquid Robin Red®.

So whether you’re looking for a bag or stick mix liquid, a pellet soak, boilie soak, particle preparation additive or spod booster liquid, you can now take advantage of this totally natural, P.V.A.-friendly liquid which delivers the incredible natural attraction power of Robin Red®.

Liquid Robin Red® is a completely natural product and does not contain any synthetic flavours.

Usage Guidelines:

As a boilie soak: Liquid Robin Red® is an outstanding boilie soak. We recommend that you coat your baits fully and then allow them to dry. This process can be repeated for extra attraction. We recommend using 20 - 40ml/kg – no maximum inclusion.

As a rehydrating liquid additive: Liquid Robin Red® is extremely effective as a re-hydration liquid or for use when soaking baits to give them a ‘washed out’ appearance. In either case, we recommend using 50ml/1 litre of water or more if required.

Boilie Mix Additive: Liquid Robin Red® can be used instead of or as well as Robin Red® in boilie mixes. We recommend using 30ml/kg – no maximum inclusion.

Pellet Mix Additive: Liquid Robin Red® is great for coating pellets. Apply and allow to dry in for maximum attraction. This process may be repeated for extra attraction. We recommend using 20 – 40ml/kg


Spod Mix Additive: Liquid Robin Red® works in any spod mix but compliments our own Red Pepper+ Instant Spod mix particularly well. We recommend using 30 - 50ml/kg. Add to your mix and leave to soak for as long as possible.

Bag/Stick Mix Additive: Liquid Robin Red® is PVA friendly so may be used alone or as an attraction-boosting additive for your bag mix or stick mix. When used in a spod or bag mix we recommend using 20ml -30ml/kg.

Particle Preparation Liquid: Liquid Robin Red® makes a superb particle preparation additive that will add a great red tinge to your particles and bags of added attraction. Add Liquid Robin Red® at the soaking stage and then cook your particles in the same water. We also recommend leaving the particles to soak in the water after the boiling process has been completed. For particle preparation we recommend using 30ml -50ml/kg.

Endorsed by Haith’s…

Liquid Robin Red has been created under licence and the endorsement of John E Haith Ltd. CC Moore & Co Ltd would like to thank John E Haith Ltd for their support in the development of this outstanding, unique new liquid version of their product.

When we first showed this product to Haith’s, months before its release, they were clearly very excited. They admitted they were very impressed with its quality and the way it is able to deliver the famous pulling power of Robin Red® in a unique liquid form where you can clearly see their unmistakable, legendary ingredient.



This outstanding natural liquid food contains amino acid-rich liquid salmon protein and pure, fine-blended salmon fillet meat. Together these create a totally unique natural product which delivers powerful taste, aroma and nutritional properties giving bait valuable added attraction with tiny salty salmon particles that hug the lake/river bed and wash through all layers of your swim.

  • PVA Friendly
  • Highly soluble, perfect for year-round use
  • Rich source of high quality, digestible protein and energy
  • Contains at least 20 different amino acids, rich in Taurine
  • High in salts and other valuable trace elements/minerals
  • Loaded with fine particles of salmon meat



This highly attractive natural tuna liquid combines whole succulent pieces of prime tuna meat with enzyme hydrolysed tuna protein extract to create a truly complete, ultimate tuna-based natural liquid food.

Containing all the valuable, appetite-stimulating nutrients supplied by tuna in a rich-tasting and naturally aromatic liquid form, this salty, PVA friendly bait additive can be used in a multitude of ways to increase the attraction potential of any hook bait or loose feed being used.

With a high content of omega oil-rich pieces of pure tuna meat mixed with soluble tuna protein extract liquid, this unique CC Moore product will add an irresistible boost of attraction to your baits by supplying meaty particles of tuna that will wash around your baited area as they release salts, amino acids, omega fish oils, vitamins and minerals that can trigger a powerful feeding response from present and passing fish.

Here are just some ways to use Liquid Tuna Extract:

Boilie Mixes

Liquid Tuna Extract is a natural product so cannot be overused or over included in boilie mixes. We recommend using 30ml/kg, adding it into your liquid egg, but higher levels will add more attraction to your baits. In boilie mixes you can blend this product if required (e.g if rolling small baits).

PVA Bags

This product is absolutely outstanding in bags and releases clouds of tuna particles that fish 'filter-feed' on in your baited area as they pick up the scent and taste of this potent liquid; a deadly method for casting at showing, pressured or 'holding-up' fish.

Loose Feeds

Adding juicy pieces of tuna meat laced in soluble tuna protein extract is always going to add bags-more attraction to your spod, bag, stick or particle mix and also works extremely well when applied to pellets and boilies. Both will soak it in before releasing the powerful liquid attractors into the water column. Each bait will also be coated with pieces of salty, oily tuna that will wash into your swim creating an enticing cloud of totally natural food particles.

Joining the other famous, genuinely food-rich natural products in our range (bloodworm, krill, glm, belachan, salmon) Liquid Tuna Extract is another top quality CC Moore liquid which will give you that all-important natural edge in your fishing.... get on it!



This famous amino acid compound is the same product that many anglers used to purchase from the local chemist in the 1970's. Made from liquid liver and spleen with added vitamins, minerals and amino acids, it also has a distinctive, but subtle raspberry flavour that makes it instantly recognisable. It is undoubtedly one of the most successful, non-oil based liquid bait additives ever used in the bait industry. As well as being a rich source of valuable nutrients, it has an extremely attractive aroma and taste that enhances all kinds of baits, from boilie mixes, stick mixes, ground baits and particles. However, one of the most effective ways to use Minamino is as a bait soak. The recommended inclusion level in base mixes is 20-30ml/kg. (Doesn't melt P.V.A)


Particle baits, hook baits, Imitation baits or freebies can be soaked in Minamino for hours or even days prior to a session. As the baits are immersed in water, they will ooze powerful plumes of natural attractors and free amino acids that carp find irresistible, stimulating fish to feed in the area of your hook bait.


PURE SALMON OIL (winterised)

This Salmon Oil has been winterised to ensure its effectiveness at all times throughout the year. This has significant benefits over non-winterised Salmon Oil, even in warm water conditions.

As well as being a recognised supplier of Omega 3 and 6 oils, Salmon oil is also a concentrated source of energy with powerful antioxidant and natural attraction properties that improves the appeal of baits as well as being of significant nutritional value to fish. Being oil, it won't melt P.V.A materials and is ideal for use within stick mixes and P.V.A. bags as well as being a great addition to pellet, particle and spod mixes. The recommended inclusion level in base mixes is 20-30ml/kg.


CSL Pellets and Mini Ultramix take on a totally new dimension when soaked in Pure Salmon Oil. Let them soak in it for 24 hours prior to a session, then bait little and often to stimulate fish to feed strongly. During the colder months, even though our Salmon Oil is winterised, we recommend using Amino Blend 365, Ultramino or Corn Steep Liquor to replace Salmon Oil as the effectiveness of any oil reduces in colder temperatures.

The original U.K. supplier of Salmon Oil is now unable to produce pure, species-specific Salmon Oil, so make sure the Salmon Oil you use is not a blend of various, less effective fish oils.

This Salmon Oil is 100% pure.



These high quality, P.V.A. - friendly bait boosters have been specifically designed to give an intense boost of attraction to any type of bait you are using. Regardless of when, where and how long they are fishing, the most successful anglers know that all baits must be liquid-boosted as much as possible to increase the speed, strength and duration of their attraction; maximising their chances of success at all times.

bait booster - spice Response+ Spice

This custom-made rich, spicy bait booster will add a powerful bite and deep savoury aroma to any baits it’s applied to. Containing pure spices, spice esters, amino acid-rich and natural sugars, this dark red/brown liquid perfectly complements any sweet, savoury or Robin Red®-based baits.
bait booster - fruit Response+ Fruit

This smooth, fruit-infused booster liquid will quickly soak in and add a distinctive citrus-fruit aroma and taste to your baits that is extremely effective in even the coldest water temperatures. Containing natural fruit sugars, essential oils, esters, appetite stimulants and amino acid-rich proteins, this concentrated booster complements any bait and works particularly well on baits with a fruity, creamy and fishy profile.
bait booster - fish Response+ Fish

This naturally salty, pungently fishy booster liquid adds a unique, instantly attractive taste and aroma to any bait whilst also delivering high quality nutrients that will stimulate fish to feed in even the most challenging conditions. Response+ Fish is extremely effective for attracting Carp and Catfish and works particularly well on baits with a spice, fish or savoury profile.
bait booster - cream Response+ Cream

This naturally sweet, creamy bait booster is beautifully smooth and understated and delivers a distinctive taste and aroma combination that has been extremely effective in attracting fish throughout all four seasons – even in some of the most extreme conditions. This sensational liquid booster contains cream esters, natural sugars, feed stimulants and essential oils that together perfectly complements all baits with a nut, seed, cream or fruity profile.

The Response+ Range

Response+ Bait Boosters are produced using a nutrient-rich base containing soluble proteins, fast-fermenting sugars, free amino acids and powerful feeding triggers, making them extremely effective in all water temperatures.

Each of the four bait boosters in the Response+ Range are then taste, colour and aroma-optimised with highly attractive concentrated natural extracts meaning they will quickly and effectively soak into baits giving them an intense flavour, aroma and nutrient boost that creates an instant and prolonged feeding response as they leak out of your bait and into your swim.

Combining water-soluble feeding triggers that easily disperse through all layers of the water with rich, dense, natural liquid extracts that ‘hold bottom’ to leave a strong, lasting food signal on the lake/river bed, Response+ Bait Boosters will attract fish from all depths of your swim.

By adding these great value protein-boosting liquids to your baits you will be absolutely loading them with additional year round fish attractors that will dramatically increase their appeal to Carp and Coarse fish.

How much do I use?

There is no maximum limit to the inclusion level of any Response+ Bait Booster... the more you use, the more attractive your bait will be and the quicker the bites will come!

The longer you leave your baits soaking in or coated with any of the four Response+ Bait Boosters, the stronger the attraction and the longer it will go on working in your swim.

As a guideline for use in particle, spod and loose feed mixes, we recommend adding 50-60ml/kg and allowing it to soak in for as long as possible. Response+ Bait Boosters are extremely effective as a boilie mix liquid additive and, as they are P.V.A. friendly, are also an outstanding liquid booster for P.V.A bag and P.V.A. stick mixes.



Roasted Nut Extract is a unique product which is exclusively produced for CC Moore & Co Ltd

This smooth-tasting natural nut extract is an extremely effective liquid additive that is designed to be applied to baits of numerous different forms in order to enhance their year round attraction properties.

With its deep, roasted nut aroma and creamy-sweet nut taste, Roasted Nut Extract also has a valuable nutrient profile that delivers natural sugars, starch, oils and proteins to stimulate fish to feed in search of their varying essential nutrient requirements at different stages of their yearly cycle.

Roasted Nut Extract is a thick paste-type liquid which is ideal for inclusion in boilie mixes where a subtle, natural nut profile is required. It is particularly outstanding for use within milk, bird food and, of course, nut mixes and will add an appetising taste that creates a unique and powerful ‘natural label’ in your bait. This ‘label’ has proven to be a vital point of recognition for fish and encourages them to feed on your bait time and time again - even in cool water when the oils it delivers act as a concentrated and valuable energy source.

How should I use this liquid?

  • Boilie Mixes

    This natural nut liquid is ideal for year-round use within boilie mixes. Pour Roasted Nut Extract into your boilies liquid mix and stir thoroughly prior to adding your base mix to make the paste. This liquid is a natural product so has no limit to its inclusion but may affect the binding properties of your mix if included at high levels and your mix's oil content is already high.

  • Spod and Particle Mixes

    Add at the mixing stage and allow to soak in for as long as possible. Roasted Nut Extract will soak into the particles of your mix and form a highly attractive cloud that will disperse to all layers, with its oils helping pull fish into your bait area.

    Use at up to 30ml/kg

  • Bag and Stick Mixes

    This product will not melt PVA so can also be used as an additive for PVA stick and bag mixes. Use as required.

  • Boilie Soak

    Simply mix 25% Roasted Nut Extract and 75% hot water and pour it on your baits prior to using them. You can then either allow the liquid to soak into the baits or freeze them and allow the freezing process to draw in the natural oils and feeding triggers before using them at a later date.

Important Allergy Information:

Roasted Nut Extract contains products derived tiger nuts, hazelnuts, peanuts, brazil nuts and may contain traces of other nuts.



After several years of absence we are excited to be able to say that the legendary 'L030' fish protein is reborn.....

Made famous in the early 2000s by top anglers and bait companies who recognised and capitalised on its incredible fish-attracting powers as a boilie ingredient, liquid food and bait soak, L030 (Marine Paste/Marine Amino Compound) quickly earned a reputation as one of the most successful liquids ever used in the production of carp and coarse fish baits.

Following EU-driven food industry legislation, this universally revered bait liquid had to be discontinued by the producer, after which the producers of L030 strived to supply its customers with a comparable alternative which could be processed within the rules laid down- an exercise which resulted in several false dawns that saw CC Moore receive and evaluate samples of liquids that just didn't match up to the original product in terms of taste, aroma, solubility, viscosity or nutrient profile..... But in early 2015, that all changed and the huge void was filled by this outstanding new product.

Supplied by the producer of the original L030, this highly attractive, nutrient-rich liquid food is a soluble fish protein extract that is derived wholly from pure Tuna meat meaning it is not only comparable to the original L030 product in terms of salts, protein, amino acids etc. but it also boasts the phenomenal taste, aroma and omega oils associated with Tuna products that makes them so attractive.

Being hydrolysed and of pure fish origin, Tuna L030 has a deep, yeasty, fishy taste and aroma and a high salt content that represents another effective source of year round attraction for appetite-satisfying and nutrient-seeking fish (e.g. pre and post spawning and during periods of natural food depletion).

Tuna L030 has a protein content in excess of 50%, which, due to natural water content is extremely rare for liquid products, and supplies an abundance of all the essential amino acids required by carp and coarse fish.

Tuna L030 is made from pure tuna protein that is hydrolysed to increase its digestibility ensuring it's highly soluble and easily utilised by fish in all water temperatures- a vital attribute which makes it so potent as a year round feeding stimulant.

Tuna L030 does not contain any added water, thinners, preservatives or other products that may reduce its concentration and potency; it is thick, dense, naturally preserved in its own salt content and, as you can tell by its protein content is 100% pure.

Moore means more..... Don't settle for anything less!


Boilie Ingredient:

Tuna L030 is 100% natural so cannot be overused in boilie mixes. In tests, we have actually used it with just a small amount of water (to reduce stickiness) as the sole liquid ingredients in hookbaits- replacing liquid egg with some binders in the dry mix to ensure sufficient binding and hardness. In boilie mixes we would suggest including as much as you can afford - the more you use, he greater the attraction.

Tuna L030 will of course work extremely well with fish meal baits and mixes but will also give bird food, nut and attractor baits an essential boost of protein and amino acids which they are so often lacking which will make them less desirable to the largest, most nutrient-requiring fish.

Boilie Dip/Soak:

Due to its soluble content, Tuna L030 will soak into the outer layers of baits to which it is applied, and the longer you soak them, the more they will suck in. It is also superb as a rehydration liquid for soaking and boosting air dried or shelf life baits on foreign trips and using as the base for dips/soaks.

Tuna L030 blends perfectly with Feedstim XP at 50:50 to create an outstanding hookbait moistener that can then be over coated by dusting the baits with GLM, chilli powder, liver, betaine and other powdered additives.

Loose Feed Additive;

Being such a soluble attractant Tuna L030 doesn't need to be ingested to significantly increase your catch rate and so makes an ideal loose feed additive. Adding it to stick mixes, bag mixes, pellets, particles and spod mixes will also help you attract more fish to your baited and the longer you apply it to your loose feed before using it, the longer it will leak out when you use it.

Tuna L030 is also very dense so will remain evident on the lake/river bed for a prolonged period, attracting feeding fish to investigate the area long after it may appear to have gone.

The thicker, drier and stodgier you make your loose feed mix, the closer to the baited area and lakebed the attractors will stay. For zig rig fishing and to attract fish down onto your bait from the mid and upper layers of the water, we recommend you mix Tuna L030 with Liquid Tuna Extract, Pure Salmon Oil, water or Feedstim XP. (Do not mix it with water when using in PVA bags/sticks.

PVA edge:

Tuna L030 is a superb liquid for using in PVA bags and sticks as it is highly soluble so disperses quickly and easily in water but also has a relatively low oil content and high dry matter so still won't melt PVA. Using straight Tuna L030 in PVA bags is a great edge for creating lots of attraction and no hard food around your hookbait (meaning fish are stimulated to feed quickly and will automatically home in on your hookbait in search of food) and combining it with Salmon Oil, Hemp Oil, Liquid Robin Red or Trout/Halibut Pellet Oil is a great way to carry the soluble food signals up through the layers of the water dragging fish down onto the taste/aroma source and your waiting hookbait.

We are quite certain that history is going to repeat itself; the original L030 was a simply outstanding fish attractant that was successfully used in many ways to increase the catch rates of specimen anglers everywhere .... But when seeing the results anglers achieved during the testing period of this liquid combined with the opinions of our bait and animal food experts, we are confident that Tuna L030 is going to be even more successful and become a huge edge for those using it.


Tuna Oil

This premium grade, pure tuna oil is a concentrated energy source and has a highly attractive natural tuna taste and aroma making it a superb bait soak, hookbait and loose feed additive that really boosts the attraction potential of loose feed mixes. It also makes a great coating for surface baits and adds a lasting, appetite-stimulating profile that makes your baits highly attractive.

Tuna Oil properties:

  • A high quality, pure natural fish oil that fish find highly attractive
  • Adds a deep, rich tuna taste and aroma profile to baits
  • Creates an oily slick that disperses all through the water column
  • Highly attractive to Carp, Roach, Barbel & other species
  • Packed with nutrient dense omega oils; rich in energy
  • Excellent in spod & boilie mixes, can be used at low levels
  • Excellent for coating particles, pellets, floaters and boilies
  • Great as a cork ball hookbait ‘glaze’
  • 100% PVA friendly, superb in bag and stick mixes

Tip: Usage tip: Use at up to 20ml/kg in base mixes and as a warm water hookbait soak. Great in PVA bags of pellets, in stick mixes and for adding to floaters or spod mixes to create a slick which pulls fish in to feed.


TALIN (Original)

Talin is a completely natural sweetener, which is extracted from an African fruit. It provides a highly concentrated sweetness without any trace of bitter after-taste. This product also avoids an instant, sometimes overpowering rush of sweetness associated with artificial sweeteners, which we believe can make fish cautious and more likely to shy away from baits.

Due to the concentrated nature of this product, only small amounts need to be added to pellets, particles, spod, stick, method or boilie mixes, while hook baits can be soaked in a neat solution for long periods where a high-attraction alternative is required. Include in boilie, spod and particle mixes at up to 2ml/kg or add with a carrier liquid at 4ml/kg  to pellet, method, stick and ground bait mixes.


Try coating 5kg of boilies with 5ml Talin, 50ml Krill Amino Compound, 5ml Ultra Crab Essence and 40ml water.



Whole Krill Extract contains a combination of three highly effective, natural fish-attracting ingredients making it the ultimate Krill-based liquid food.

With its key components derived from the nutrient-rich Antarctic Krill species, Krill Superba, this salty, PVA friendly liquid food contains Krill Oil, Krill Hydrolysate and most importantly Whole Fresh Krill. These independently proven ingredients combine to form an irresistibly attractive natural liquid food that induces fish to feed through chemoreception (stimulation by taste, aroma, density, texture, nutrients etc.)

Krill Hydrolysate adds a deep, natural meaty/crustacean aroma and taste along with high quality digestible protein which supplies essential amino acids. This is then complimented by energy rich Krill Oil which delivers nutritionally beneficial essential fatty acids and disperses up through the water column pulling fish down onto your baited area. Finally its unique Whole Fresh Krill content means Whole Krill Extract also presents fish with a visually attractive, complete food source that helps promote confident feeding on baits to which it is applied.

How should I use this liquid?

Boilie Mixes

Mix Whole Krill Extract into your liquid egg at up to 30ml/kg of base mix. This will equate to approximately 4ml/egg. Mix this thoroughly and then add your base mix to create paste of the desired consistency.

Loose Feeds

Whole Krill Extract does not melt PVA and makes an outstanding loose feed additive with its numerous different attraction properties. Add it to pellets or boilies at up to 30ml/kg and allow it to soak in before adding a dusting of Krill Meal. Dampen stick and bag mixes with up to 30ml/kg and add to prepared particles and spod mixes at the same inclusion level.

Hookbait and Bait Soak

Whole Krill Extract is superb for boosting hookbaits and boilies. Coat your baits in it and then allow it to soak in until dried. This process can be repeated for added attraction and can be used by adding to freezer baits prior to freezing.



Ultramino is a highly attractive amino acid compound based on pork derived extracts of liver, spleen and gastric mucosa. It contains pharmaceutical grade, water soluble extracts that create a powerful natural food signal by diffusing essential amino acids and other valuable nutrients through the water column in all temperatures.

Ultramino has a subtle yet distinctive yeast/meat profile which is aromatically enhanced by the low level addition of a sweet raspberry flavouring compound which not only serves to increase its potency in extreme, cold water conditions but also makes it an outstanding bait soak and loose feed additive.

Ultramino is designed for use as a boilie mix ingredient, a loose feed, stick mix and bag mix additive and for soaking hookbaits to increase the strength and speed of their attraction.

How should I use this liquid?

Boilie Mixes

Mix Ultramino into your liquid egg at up to 30ml/kg of base mix. This will equate to approximately 4ml/egg. Mix this thoroughly and then add your base mix to create paste of the desired consistency.

Loose Feeds

Ultramino does not melt PVA and makes an outstanding loose feed additive. Add it to pellets and stick/bag mixes at up to 30ml/kg and allow it to soak in prior to use. It is also very effective when added to prepared particles and spod mixes at the same inclusion level.

Hookbait and Bait Soak

Ultramino is very water soluble liquid foods and easily soaks into hookbaits and boilies, creating a nutrient-rich signal which is released into your swim as the baits take on water and break down.



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